FM19: Season 1 Progress & Planning

It’s always a bit nervy when you start a new save, will I like the club, its players, the league system? Will I do well or will I fail massively. It’s more of a risk when you write a post about a league and team you know little to nothing about and hope that it all goes well. (more…)


Auxerre: Season 10

Season 9 was a big one in many ways for the club. It was our final season at Stade Abbé Deschamps and we had new owners looking after us. On the pitch, we were a bit shit at times and it lead to me changing tactics and style. (more…)


The French adventure is over, I’ve had enough of horse meat and frogs legs. I had an offer to stay in France with Monaco, however I’d been with two clubs in France so I thought moving to a new country was for the best to keep this interesting for me. (more…)