Negotiating The First Season

In my first blog of FM23, I had a very quick look at the challenge ahead of me at Auxerre and what I hope to achieve. This time out, I’m looking at the challenges I often face when starting a save. I’ll look at the progress I’ve made so far and outline where I hope to be by the end of the second season.

No messing, lets get into it.


FM23: Auxerre

It’s time. It’s time to go back.

People say never go back, never go back to the scene of past glory. But it’s the right time. Auxerre are back in the top division for the first time in 10 years and I want to have a go at turning them into one of the big clubs in France.

If you are one of the long time readers of the blog, then you’ll likely remember my old saves with Auxerre on FM16 and FM17. That seems like a lifetime ago, but it was probably my favourite two saves I’ve had on FM. Perhaps over time, I remember them more fondly than I should, but the youth development was excellent and I was always excited to load the game up.


First Season With Torino

A second blog post about Torino is almost as shocking as an unexpected finger up the bum, but here we are. I’ve tried to cover the important issues from the first season. The poor squad, lack of funds and a little look at how we performed.

I’ve maybe went over some opinions that I’ve covered in previous blogs, but my views on FM rarely change.

Lets get into it!


Why Torino In #FM22? – Sempre Forza Toro!

Every November for the past three or four years, I’ve said “I promise to write more blogs” I then write three blogs and don’t write any more because I play very quickly and can’t really be arsed. No bullshit this year, I’ll see what I can be bothered doing. If I write, cool, if I don’t, also cool. Don’t get too invested as I might end up getting bogged down with real life.

So, lets get into my post.


Romania? Completed It Mate.

Only one more blog to go after this and I’ll have hit my three blog limit. I said in my last post that we’d see a lot of FM content being released around about now, so I’m riding that wave. It’s all about getting hits, right? I’ve gone through a season with Dinamo now so I’m gonna have a look at how the season turned out and what I’ve enjoyed about the game as I’ve been playing.


FM21: Dinamo Bucuresti

Hello, welcome to the first of what will probably be about three FM21 posts on It’s day 321 of probably the worst year in living memory. Think it’s bad now? Strap yourself in as it’s shaping up to get worse by the inevitable influx of FM Content that is going to be released over the remaining 44 days of this pandemic year.