FM19: Catch Up

Since my last update, I’ve moved forward a couple of seasons. As I begin to shape the club, my focus on transfers, youth policy and style all change. In this post I aim to look at what we’ve achieved in the past two years, on the pitch and off, as well as looking at where I’m aiming to get the club now that we’ve made some progress. I said at the start of the save that I like to have a plan in place and with all of the changes, we’re getting better placed to achieve what I want. (more…)

FM19: Season 1 Progress & Planning

It’s always a bit nervy when you start a new save, will I like the club, its players, the league system? Will I do well or will I fail massively. It’s more of a risk when you write a post about a league and team you know little to nothing about and hope that it all goes well. (more…)